Call for Abstracts & Submission Categories


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1. Magnets for Particle and Nuclear Physics 
    a. Superconducting Accelerator Magnets
    b. Conventional Accelerator Magnets
    c. Wigglers and Undulators
    d. Solenoids for Accelerators
    e. Detector Magnets
2. Fusion Magnets
    a. Superconducting Magnets for Fusion
    b. Conventional Magnets for Fusion
3. High Field Magnets
    a. Superconducting High Field Magnets
    b. Hybrid High Field Magnets
    c. Pulsed High Field Magnets
    d. Resistive High Field Magnets
4. NMR and Medical and Biological Applications
    a. NMR
    b. MRI
    c. Magnets for Medical Therapy Devices
    d. Novel Applications
5. Power and Energy Applications
    a. Energy Storage
    b. Motors and Generators
    c. Transformers and Current Fault Limiters
    d. MHD Power Generation
6. Magnets for Space Applications
7. Industrial , Environmental, and Transportation Applications
    a. Levitation and Magnetic Bearings
    b. Magnetically Levitated Trains
    c. Magnetic Separation
    d. Crystal Growth
    e. Magnetic Pumps
    f. Novel Industrial Applications
8. Materials and Conductors for Magnets
    a. Low Tc Wires and Cables
    b. Intermediate/High Tc Wires and Cables
    c. Permanent Magnetic Materials
    d. Magnetic Materials for Flux Return
    e. Structural Materials
    f. Conventional Conductors
    g. Electrical Insulation
9. Associated Technologies and Cryogenics
    a. Cryogenic Cooling for Magnets
    b. Cooling for Conventional Magnets
    c. Power Supplies for Superconducting Magnets
    d. Power Supplies for Conventional Magnets
    e. Current Leads
    f. Quench Protection Systems
    g. Other Magnet Components
10. Design and Analysis
    a. Magnet Design Methods
    b. Electromagnetic and Mechanical Computations
    c. Field Quality
    d. Quench Protection
    e. Conductor Stability and AC Losses
    f. Multiphysics Computations of Magnet Systems
11. New Developments and Applications
    a. Magnets for Technology Development
    b. Special Coils
    c. Novel Applications
12. Magnet Test and Measurements
    a. Superconducting Strand and Cable Characterization
    b. Novel Diagnostic Techniques
    c. Magnetic Measurements
    d. Thermo-Mechanical Measurements
13. Permanent Magnets