Advertisement Opportunities

Program Book

The MT-23 program book will be utilized by participants throughout the conference. The MT-23 book cover will be a colored glossy, with the inside text pages printed in black and white. The back outside cover will be available in color. Advertisement opportunities, job postings, etc. are as follows:

Outside back cover (color) $2,000 – SOLD
Inside front cover (color) $1,500
Inside back cover (color) $1,500
Full page internal (black & white) $1,000
Half-page internal (black & white) $500

The deadline for advertising opportunities in the Program Book is May 31, 2013.

Promotional Materials & Inserts for Conference Bags*

Individual items of use to conference participants will be provided by the sponsor and included in the delegate bags (approximate quantity = 800). Only one of each type of item will be accepted (e.g., the conference bags will not contain more than one pen and one notepad). Examples of accepted items are listed below. Other ideas are welcome!

Promo pen $1,500 Limited to one sponsor
Promo highlighter $1,500 Limited to one sponsor
Promo notepad $1,500 Limited to one sponsor
Promo flash drive $1,500 Limited to one sponsor
Promo gifts $1,500 Limited to three sponsors
Single printed literature sheet $1,500 Unlimited sponsors

All materials for insertion into conference bags must be received by Brede Exposition Services, the contracted MT-23 exhibits decorator, between July 1 – 9, 2013.  Information concerning shipping materials to Brede will be provided at a later date.

No refunds or returns will be given for materials received after July 9 and not inserted into conference bags.

* MT-23 organizers reserve the right to decline ad copy and promotional material deemed unacceptable in tone or character or that may detract from the scientific and educational nature of the conference.  Pre-approval is required.

Literature Table: $300

MT-23, at its discretion, may allow approved publishers to display literature on the MT-23 Literature Table which will be located in a prominent location at the Conference. A minimal cost of $300 allows a publisher to send their materials to Brede directly where they will be received by the MT-23 Conference Management team, Centennial Conferences. Centennial staff will display and replenish the materials and, if requested, mail extras back to the Company.

For questions related to advertising opportunities, please contact:

MT-23 Marketing & Publicity Committee
Attn: Sue Butler
Texas Center for Superconductivity, University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-5002
Phone: [001] 713-743-8212, Fax: [001] 713-743-8201